About unfortunate love relation ships

By: Elko Omar Vázquez Erosa

acerca de los amores desafortunados 

Versión en español en este enlace:



The bad is that before falling in love with the mouse girl I was absolutely lost for Zeena Lavey. I sent her letters, poems and things like that, so Mr. Fields warned me:

—Instead of bewitch you should stop sending things to Zeena. She will curse you. I know what I am telling you.

—Shut up —I told him, and is that lovers do not understand zilch—. You´re not seeing how beautiful she is? Further that pal is really ugly and is missing an ear. You will see, she will love me.

Mr. Fields nod with his head and looked at me with pity.

—Look, one of this days she will curse you, saying: “souls and beings from Hell! Hades beings! That Elko becomes bald and potbellied!”

Well, I did not believe Mister Fields. How could I know?


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